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Stress Management for Students

Stress can affect students of all ages. All stages of education reflect different points in a person’s development, so the type of stress and the ways to manage the stress will change as the student ages.


Younger children, typically elementary to middle school students, will oftentimes have a lot of stress due to social problems. Many get stressed over feeling like they do not fit in or over possible embarrassment in front of their peers. Some also feel stress from their schoolwork, such as tests or presentations. Older children, typically middle school to high school students, will be stressed over grades and social problems. At this age, students begin to feel the stress of preparing for college and standardized testing. Thinking about these things can put a lot of pressure on the students. Socially, this is the time when students are figuring a lot out about themselves and the world around them. They are growing into themselves and are physically and mentally changing. In college, students stress over financial problems, social problems, and academic problems. For most of them, this is their first time being away from home. They may be lonely and missing their friends and family. Many stress over keeping a high GPA, which can be important for their admission to where they go to school, their scholarships, and their possible graduate school plans.

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Teachers can help limit the stress that their students by limiting homework, keeping students active, and being a supportive role model for their students. Parents can help their children by ensuring they sleep and eat well. It is also important that parents are good role models for their children and are supportive of their children, making sure not to pressure them in an unhealthy way. For older students, they need to be mindful of what they do. They must recognize the impact that social media may be having on them, as well as the people they surround themselves with. It is important that they make sure that they are eating properly, sleeping enough, and exercising to keep them physically and mentally healthy. A mental health professional may be a good resource for students of all ages to manage their stress.

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