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The Three Pillars of IDSpired

  • The three pillars of Idspired are commitment, confidence, and consciousness. 

  • Commitment – a promise you vow to keep regardless of the obstacles in front of you, regardless of the time constraints and distractions in your daily life.  You may bend but you refuse to break, you are Idspired.

  • Confidence – recognition of your indominable spirit, intellect and beauty.  You surround yourself only with positive energy which is your sustenance.  Confidence is coded in your DNA.  Noise, bad vibes, doubters, haters… get that dirt off your shoulder! You are Idspired.

  • Consciousness – life does not pass you by, not dwelling about yesterday, nor worrying about tomorrow, you are here and now in every moment.  Time is the most precious commodity and it will not be wasted.  Your mind is beautiful, your eyes wide open, your spirit is lit.  You always make decisions that take you three steps forward; viva la vida! You are Idspired.

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