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Eight Steps to Organizing Your Life Forever

Do you feel like you forget things often? Do you find yourself buying things you already have? Do you feel like you never have time to do the things you need to do? Maybe it’s time that you organize your life! Here are eight steps to organizing your life forever.

1. Schedule

Scheduling is imperative to being organized. Get a planner or use an online resource, such as Google Calendar, to keep track of what you need to do, when you will do it, and when you need to have it done.

2. Clean regularly

Clean your home regularly. Break up cleaning throughout the week so it is more manageable. Have a specific day for cleaning the bathroom, a day for sweeping and mopping, a day for laundry etc. Stick to this schedule and delegate jobs to the members of your household.

3. Do not procrastinate

Stop procrastinating. Do not wait until the last moment to do things. Tackle projects over a span of time, not all at once. Procrastinating often leads to sloppy and unorganized work. Turn off your phone or any other distractions if you must.

4. Find a place for everything

Have specific places for everything in your home. Labeling drawers or containers can help you organize this better. Always put things back immediately after using them. By doing this, you always know exactly where everything is. Many people will buy things that they already have because they do not know where it is. Besides this being wasteful, this can get expensive. Organizing where you keep things can stop you from doing this.

5. Only have what you need

Do not clutter. Do not keep a junk drawer filled with random things. Do not buy things that you do not need, even if it is on sale. Dispose of or donate things that you have no use for.

6. Write it down

Stop relying on your memory for everything, you are bound to forget something at some point. Write down things you need to remember on a notepad or in your phone. Write down your short-term goals and long-term goals. Writing these things down will keep them fresh in your mind, making it more likely that you will actually follow through with them.

7. Meal Plan

Meal planning on a day off is an easy way to organize your week. Purchase and prepare elements of each meal ahead of time so you spend less time stressing over what you are going to eat for dinner, then going to the store after work, then spending too much time on cooking. This way, you already know what you are going to have and when. It is efficient and saves time.

8. Do not overwhelm yourself

Do not overschedule yourself. Only schedule what you know you can accomplish. Prioritize the things you do by importance, not desire. Learn how to say no to people so that you are not overworking and overscheduling yourself.

Organizing your life may seem like a difficult task, but we hope that these steps can help ease some of your worries. Increasing organization will help decrease unnecessary stress that you may be facing. Do what works best for you.

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